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Dental Handpiece

 Handpiece sterilization steps:

1.After the end of treatment, the bur has not removed before the handpiece outside of the debris wipe clean and start washing machines handpiece trachea and plumbing.
2.Remove the bur, and then remove the handpiece. If the manufacturer recommends ultrasonic cleaning, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the handpiece the head and the entire handpiece, then the handpiece onto the dental chair, switch on the machine and clean debris from the handpiece; if the manufacturer does not recommend the use of ultrasonic cleaning, under running water with soap and water or detergent to clean the device.
3.If the handpiece needs to be heated before lubrication, using the manufacturer recommended cleaning agent to clear the debris of the handpiece's internal lubrication handpiece. If you do not need to heat before lubrication, the selection of the lubricant-free detergents, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the handpiece, do not over-lubrication.
4.Then handpiece onto the dental chair, switch on the machine, the excess lubricant handpiece purged, to prevent excessive lubricant evenly accumulate in the handpiece in the heating process. If the manufacturer is not specified, the handpiece in the rotation should be fitted bur.
5.Wet alcohol cotton balls (do not have too much alcohol) wipe the fiber interface and its external. Do not use a high concentration solution, to avoid injury.
6.Clean and dry the handpiece, put it in a paper bag, sterilized in accordance with the manufacturers the provisions and operation of autoclaves conventional handpiece. Handpiece saved sterilization will be the proper place, do not open the closed paper bag before use.
7.To start the machine before installing handpiece 20-30 seconds, rinse the dental chair gas and water pipes.
Maintenance Guide:
1. Lubricate Handpiece
Place 2-3 drops of oil into the intake tube located at the bottom of the handpiece.
Install a bur or precision shipping pin into the chuck of the handpiece.
Operate the handpiece for approximately 10 seconds to purge the handpiece with oil and expel.
WARNING: Operating the handpiece without a bur in the chuck may cause premature failure of the chuck.
2. Clean Exterior of Handpiece
Wipe down the exterior of the handpiece with distilled water or alcohol.
Remove gross contaminates with a fine wire brush.
DO NOT uses tap water or phosphate based detergents.
DO NOT immerse a handpiece in a cleaning solution.
3. Sterilize the Handpiece
Remove bur or precision shipping pin from the handpiece.
Individually bag each handpiece for sterilization and if using a pouch be sure paper side is up so as not to trap moisture.
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