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Dental Loupes

Dental loupes can be easily bought on online shops. They provide guarantee and warranty on their products and thus you can be assured of the quality of the loupes while purchasing them online
Dental loupes are an investment many dental practitioners make to improve patient care and prolong their careers. Many practitioners utilise loupes and an ever increasing number of dental undergraduates are making this same investment. 
Three main benefits to the use of loupes
Typically, working distance increases with ageing, loupes allow the preservation of this working distance, allowing a practitioner to treat patients comfortably. (James and Gilmour 2010) Despite anecdotal concerns, the use of dental loupes does not harm or weaken the user’s eyes. (Christensen 2003)
Loupes that are tailored and customised to the needs of the practitioner enable good posture, reducing the stresses placed on a practitioner’s back. This decreases early retirement from chronic back pain. (James and Gilmour 2010)
Studies within the educational setting have shown that the use of dental loupes greatly increases preclinical performance in undergraduate students. (Maggio 2011)
Loupes provide greater magnification and detail which assists the detection and implementation of complex and demanding procedures. (James and Gilmour 2010)
Loupes help identify defects and provide more information that the use of a dental mirror and probe upon examination. (Wilson 2007)
Maintenance Guide:
If you require further assistance with maintenance of your magnification loupes contact the manufacturer or consult with your local optometrist or optician. By following the steps above your loupes will look like new and function at their best.
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